She sits and waits...

Q that is.  One of my cats.  The one up in the corner of this blog page.  She's the ruler of the roost.  When I quilt, she quilts with me.  No - I don't have a little kitty sized sewing machine that she uses, she waits and watches.  Although I do expect, that of the two cats I have, if either could use a sewing machine, it would be Q.   However, while ironing strips, pieces and/or blocks she waits to sit on the newly warmed piece.  Everytime. She's really very funny about it too.  The entire house is nothing but a cat bed and all she wants is to warm her little kitty tushy on a newly warmed quilt square.  She is a consummate quilt inspector...for a cat I mean.

She also has a more devious side to her as those of you with cats will understand.  When I leave the sewing room for any great length of time, like overnight or during the work day, Q takes whatever it is that she's had her eye on.  

One year I took it upon myself to take apart this shabby little blanket my daughter (henceforth called "H") carried around with her for years when she was little.  It was a baby shower gift from my grandmother.  A little machine made blanket that she had won playing bingo.  H loved that thing.  It was see through and thread bare in parts by the time the two parted. 

One winter vacation it got left in Tioga County, PA, at our cabin in the mountains.  Someone had to drive the 6 hours back to pick it up before we had too many "incidents" without blankie there to solve whatever crisis H was having at the time.

I I took the "blankie" apart.

Oh! When H actually SAW me taking it apart...she freaked (she was 15 at the time) totally screamed that she thought she had lost it years ago. (Um no, your mother couldn't stand the site of the see-through thing and took it away from you until you (all of us) became more sane about the blanket's life importance...I just couldn't part with something that meant so much to her).

Again, back to the story.  So, the blanket has been frogged apart.  I put some lightweight fusible interfacing on the back and cut it up into squares.   I found more fabrics that matched the original pink and white of the blankie and cut them up into squares.  The goal - to make her a new H-sized "blankie" out of the enhanced original.  The problem....every time I left the sewing room, Miss Q would confiscate some squares without my knowing.

So I sewed the big blankie together.  Mind you I had a MILLION squares to sew together and did end up with a very large quilt.  Somehow though, it wasn't as large as I had originally computed.  "Hmmmm....maybe my math skills just really suck.  After many times have I calculated backing, only to have to go buy more???  Move along's still a good sized quilt for a small person."

The quilt was done.  It was prepped it for my wonderful longarm quilter person.  When out of the corner of my eye in our bedroom, under the dresser, I see what looks like it might be a sock that jumped out of the laundry basket.  Or not.  it's almost 60 squares of the assorted pink and white fabric for H's big blankie.

*sigh*   THAT CAT!!!!!

Q did, in her unknowingness, do a good thing.  I ended up having enough stolen leftover squares to make H a baby quilt for the future grand daughter I hope to have - like maybe 10 or 15 years from now, let's get through college first.  A blankie for the grand baby made from her mommy's blankie...and matching blankies to boot! 

I'm much more careful about what I leave laying around the sewing room these days....but there are more confiscation stories that exceed the realm of sewing...she's a very persistent little hunter.

I love that cat.

Published Mon, Feb 1 2010 10:22 AM by Donna
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