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My 1948 Singer featherweight has a serviceable case with a few blemishes, good working locks with a key, and a handle that is a little questionable.   So my first project for her was to make a fabric case to carry the original case in...to protect it from damage and guarantee that the weight of the machine was not supported by that original handle.  I did look at a lot of ready-made cases, but either didn't like the design or was unwilling to pay the price - so decided to design and make my own.  The fabric I chose was pre-quilted cotton from Jo-Ann's.  It was a great rich looking black and gold print that complimented the featherweight design and decor!  I bought 3 yards and plan to also use it to make a bag for the foot-pedal and cord, a protective slip-on cover for the fold-up flat-bed, a dust-cover for the machine itself and lastly, a iron tote.  Here are a few pictures of my featherweight tote-bag:

The button in the front center is for decoration only.  (Note, Rascal the outdoor cat.  He is on his favorite sunny spot...a soft bed of thyme.)

Here the lid is flipped to the back...it attaches with velcro only.  (The case is support completely by the straps that run completely under the case and over your shoulder.)

I made a bottom insert from a "lite-weight" cuttingboard and covered it with batting and fabric.  This helps to hold the fabric open to easily get the machine case inside.

Here I have set the FW case behind the fabric carrier to hold the lid up.  You can see a little better how this all went together and works.

It has a velcro hinge across the entire back and a small piece of velco closure on the center front and both sides.  (The extra piece of fabric in the top below the velcro is added stability for the decorative button.)


And now the FW case rides nicely, safe and secure against my hip when we are traveling!

And, one more shot of Rascal...it's not often he poses for a picture:



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