My Featherweight Ser#AH644451 June 18, 1948

My new/old Featherweight was purchased in celebration of my milestone birthday this year.  I am now the oldest living female in the matriarchal line of my family!  Yeah!    An accomplishment worth celebrating...along with the marvels of modern medicine and healthier living...thank you Lord.  Anyway, back to my fantastic Birthday present from DH...

Here is the story of my Featherweight:

DH started watching on EBay in April and started asking me questions about what I liked about this one and didn't like about that one, etc. for several weeks.  In late April he started bidding and lost bids on several along the way.  He was perfecting his bidding technique and what he was looking  On May 4th, he was the winning bidder (by $2.00) for this beautiful cleaned, serviced, and adjusted 1948 FW with a case, foot/controller, 7 feet/attachments and 4 bobbins and the original Manual.  It has a little wear to the decals, but she is 65 years old!!!  What else is new!!!  In honor of my Mother-in-Law, I have named her Garnet.

Here is what I wrote in the QCA thread about why I chose that name:


Donna B, Have you got a name picked out for your new old FW.



Actually I have been giving this some thought.  Believe it or not, I am thinking of naming it in honor of my DMIL...Garnet...for her love of fabric and sewing.

I had learned to sew many years before DH and I started dating and then married, but DMIL taught me a great deal about sewing that I had never learned before.  She didn't make pieced quilts, but did garments by the hundreds every year for 14 grand’s, her DD and 2 DIL's.  She learned on a Singer treadle machine (went to another family member), but had a New Home for daily use by the time I knew her well.  But she still used that old treadle machine on occasion!  For many years she managed a yardage store at Newberry's at the Portland, OR Lloyd Center (one of the first shopping centers in the NW).  I remember her coming home from working all day and sewing until after midnight - night after night.  It definitely was her relaxation of choice!  I helped her make many “quilts” in the 60’s and 70’s from sheets (F & B)…tying them with yarn and then self-binding.  My sons all have their “quilts” made by Grandma that they treasure. 

There are others who have influenced my love of fabric and sewing over the years and I have thought about them too, but Garnet wins out, hands down…so this machine will be named “Garnet”.  (I honestly do think of her almost every time I sit down at a sewing machine.  She passed about 12 years ago at 92 yo and I still miss her!)

So, here is Garnet:

And another view with the original manual:


Now I am buying "accessories", etc for her.  This first order including the Nanccy Johnson-Srebro book "Featherweight 221 The Perfect Portable" (a must have reference for FW owners), a small maintenance kit (includes oil, lube, screwdriver, crocus cloth, and fine abrasive wire), 10 bobbins, and 2 replacement lightbulbs.  (DH had promptly tried to remove the original in the machine and broke the base.)  This order was from :

Second order was for mainly a sewing guide, but also decided while I was at it to get a replacement felt for the bottom and since it was a very good price, a few more bobbins:

Here is a close up of the sewing guide installed on my FW:

If you are interested in this guide, the name of the website should be clearly visible in this photo above.  If not, its

I just found out from Nana that I have this seam-guide on backwards.  Being left-handed, that is nothing new, I am always being called!  Apparently, the guide should be turned around with the name facing the back of the machine and the front of the guide even with the front of the machine.  I will switch mine around soon...or when I get to!!!



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Congrats on getting your FW. My DH also bought one for me on Ebay for our 30th anniversary. Enjoy using it.

by Pamela

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I love your bag Donna. I am seriously considering making one too! But first I have to post pictures of mine. This week I will for sure.

by Angele