Doggy Dash 2013

We have an annual event here in the Methow Valley of North Central Washington State.  Basically, a celebration and tribute to our canine pals and often skiing buddies!  It is a 6 legged event with 2 skis (hopefully 4 on the dog and 2 on an accompanying person), leash required and no ski poles allowed.  Costumes are a big part of this event and are the primary competition with a race among kids 12 & under, 12-18, adults with dogs under 40 #, and adults with dogs over 40#.  It is a really fun event - even for the spectators!  This year we had a huge crowd of locals and visitors cheering on the dogs and their owners.  It was a very fun morning!  Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.  (Note, you should be able to click and zoom in on these photos for a close-up look.)

In the kids, 12 & U:

(Didn't get the name of this little girl's costume)

I caught this picture just before the chicken crashed (boy in blue's dog decided to visit the chicken's dog and the poor chicken took a little tumble!   He got right back up and finished the parade!!!

This is "Robin" and his trusty side kick:


In the adult category, here was "Wild Bill" (and part of his dog...sorry)


And this is Princess Lea... (I have to tell a little story about Princess Lea.  First of all, I was the cashier for the event sponsored by the Methow Valley Nordic Club with all proceeds going to our County Animal Welfare Programs. Princess Lea arrived (not yet in her costume) to register, but did not have the small entry fee.  She apparently thought the event was free (it is for kids under 12, but adults pay a small fee).  Lea kind of stops to think and then says that she has gone to too much trouble to put this costume together to not enter now.  She says I will be back in a minute with the fee...AND SHE WAS!!!   It was a GREAT costume, but not quite great keep watching!


And this is a local valley quilter (Lynette) who does beautiful work, but sadly I haven't convinced her to join QCA yet!  She was a swiss yodeling skier! ( I LOVE her knitted leggings!!!)


This costume was a "puffin":


In the front is, I believe, a "fairy" and behind her the nun's costume title was " heaven and heck" (the dog was dressed as the devil):

This was little red riding hood and the wolf:


On the left, the black lab and owner were "a wolf in sheep's clothing":

(and look to the next picture for the next skier/dog combo)



This combo won the grand prize (the Golden Poodle Award) for the best costume of the year!  

They were Bing Crosby (in his fishing outfit, complete with pipe and fishing pole) and his dog is dressed up as a salmon!

It was absolutely perfect...a really great costume!  Everyone loved it!


Princess Lea came in 2nd in the costume category.  I don't remember who was third...and I may not have gotten a picture of that entry.

And I should add, that I only got pictures of less than half of all the entries...but definitely the ones I liked the best.

It was really a fun morning.  Hope all you animal lovers enjoy the pictures!





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Beautiful pics!!

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