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About Me and a Quilt as You Go project

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to be a part of the Quilters of America club! I have been an avid quilt lover ever since I can remember. I began quilting in the early 80's and made a few quilts over the years. The first one I tackled was a Puff Quilt. Remember those? It was really a challenge for a first quilt, but I managed to finish the project and gave it as a house warming gift to a family member. Over the years i made a few more, started some and put them away, totally turned my back on projects and for a few years didn't even look at them.

My mother, and my favorite Aunt (Aunt Bummy) were quilters and I could never escape the love I had for this wonderful (I don't really want to call it a hobby) part of my life. One summer I was visiting my Aunt and perusing her hundreds of quilts and uncompleted quilt tops, feeling the different textures, admiring the beautiful use of color, marveling at the intricate stitching, all the while wishing I had one tenth the talent she possessed. I was so amazed and in awe of her ability that I found myself still in here quilting room a few hours later.

When I finally tore myself away long enough to visit with everyone and have dinner, I felt my inspiration return. I could not wait to get home and scan my inventory, bring out the uncompleted projects and get started! I promptly finished one and was so thrilled with the results that I immediately started another one...and FINISHED IT!  It has been a love affair ever since. 

Unfortunately, my Mom and my Aunt Bummy are both gone now, but I have a part of them that was so important to each of them.'s creative, it's fun, it's therapy, it's an escape when I need to get away, it's my love of things beautiful's my a huge part of my life and legacy. I am proud to say I am an American Quilter.

P.S. BTW...Aunt Bummy gave me one of her uncompleted quilt tops (a Double Wedding Ring!) and I cherish it! I plan to quilt it when my skill level is improved and I get my new Baby Lock machine out of lay-a-way...hee hee