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Quilt Show in DeLand FL
We are having a quilt show September 29th and 30th in DeLand, FL. This is the first quilt show ever for us in DeLand and I am soooo excited. There will be vendors and a lot of quilts on display. DeLand is a very small college town in Central Florida. We have lots of nice restaurants and very interesting shops you can visit and of course a very nice quilt shop (Quilt Shop of DeLand) you can visit too. It is owned and operated by Judy Hansen who is an author and fabric designer as well as a very nice person. The shop is so feels good when you walk in and see all the lovely fabric and the staff is great. So, if anyone lives close to us or even lives in Central Florida come on by and visit. There is also a craft show going on at the same time. Bring the family and spend the day. For more information, you can visit this