A Day in the Life of a Crazy Crafter

Just my daily ramblings of my life as a stay at home Mom and Gramma and the strugle to get it all done.

December 1, 2012

Sooooo, today is my birthday and I am sort of taking the day off.  I am off to my knitting group, off to get my husbands birthday present, off to buy a lamp for the living room, off towards home to make lunch for the family, off to sit in the recliner and relax, and then off to dinner with the family.  My daughter is NOT off today so we are watching the granddaughters and that is the main reason that I am making lunch.  I might get a little sewing in today, or clean up the sewing/craft area a bit and watch a movie.  Who knows.  But I get to spend today with family and friends so I am going to make the most of it.

Published Sat, Dec 1 2012 12:47 PM by Cris Ross