I haven't written a post here in quite some time. I guess I just got lazy after the sight crashed  and I didn't have access for so long. But now I am back and ready to ramble. 

I've spent the better part of my free time this past week working on a smocked baby dress for our dear little neighbor, who will be 6 months old in about a week. She always shares her drool,  gives me pats and  happy baby screechies when I see her, so of course I wanted to so something nice in return.  

I found a darling little pattern that, with minimal modification, would work well for what I had in mind and have put in countless hours smocking it and appliqueing a contrasting band of scallops along the hem - all hand work.  (Normally the applique would have been done on my machine but I got called in to work this week and decided that I could work on it during my breaks and lunch hour so I'd still be making progress even when I wasn't able to get to my machine. 'Probably not the smartest decision I've made lately, because in the end it actually slowed down me down, but that's a whole different rant).  

Last night, after more time spent  forcing my stiff fingers to do even more stitching, I set the  project aside and went off to do my nightly chores. The kids were all happy to be unwinding in front of the TV and I thought everything was fine...up until I turned around just in time to see the youngest (who will be 2 next week) holding my scissors in one fat little fist and the dress in the other! He's just been learning to cut this week, and it was clear that he thought my sewing would be a good place to practice. I gave a shout and one of his siblings retrieved the scissors and the dress without incident. 

Now, more then 12 hours have past, and I still have not worked up the courage to see if he succeeded in his mission, or if my efforts remain un-damaged. ... I'm not sure I can face the indiscriminate massacre of this  little dress. Then again, if it remains untouched, it'll be such a relief!!  Ironically,  should it be intact, I will be sorely disappointed if the little bundle it's intended for doesn't get to make her mark on it when she wears it. How hypocritical is that!? 

Published Mon, May 5 2014 8:48 AM by chocake2