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Amazing inspiration

As many of you are aware, i dabble in many creative pursuits, not just quilting. I am at my happiest when I am creating, whether it's a cozy warm blanket to shelter a loved one from the cold or just a bright bobble to put a passing smile on a stranger's face.  It makes no difference to me. My hands are usually busy. I don't do well if I am not producing ...something.  

Today I passed some time idly exploring on-line artist galleries. It's a fun way to gain new inspiration. I'm generally in awe of all of the variety of talent I encounter in this way.  

In the course of this random exploration I came across this painting by Mary Whyte and just had to share it here:


The subject matter naturally caught my eye, but then on closer inspection I found myself lingering  her skillful rendering of the quilter.  It's almost too easy to believe you are looking at a photograph, and not a painting. The translucence in the skin of this woman is mind-boggling in its execution.  Truely, I believe this is one of the great works of our time!

Posted Fri, Jan 3 2014 9:03 PM by chocake2 | 1 comment(s)