And the Adventure continues...

Thanksgiving is over and we are all trying to overcome our annual turkey coma. It's been a slow lazy day.

In our house, the day after Thanksgiving means  we'll be dining on Turkey Pot pie made with the leftover dressing,  veggies, turkey and gravy. This year I decided to be a little fancy and topped it with  the mashed potatoes piped from a pastry bag to form cute little pillows. The kids delighted in it. One of them noted that they looked like marshmallows. That observation was immediately vetoed by a sibling who said no, they looked like Easter Peeps. The youngest wasn't to be out done. He scooped his potatoes onto his spoon, held them high and said "Poops!!"  very plainly.  Alas, I fear that from now on sour-cream potato Poops will have to be a regular item on the  menu...  They'll go well with Peas.

Published Fri, Nov 29 2013 6:10 PM by chocake2