Out of the mouths of Babes

Today was a hectic day. I had to take my eldest son into the city for an appointment . It takes about an hour and a half  to drive from where we live  to the metropolis, so just going is a production. Traffic on main street Mytown consists of a tractor and two farm trucks every 20  min or so.  Drivers offer everyone a cheerful wave to brighten your day. Traffic in the city is usually bumper to bumper . The waving there is far less friendly but it takes only one finger.

Needless to say, the big stores in the more populace environment are much better stocked (and often cheaper) then those nearer home, so as long as we were in town anyway, I made it a point to do some shopping. Today's spending spree took us to a warehouse store in search of special treats for our Thanksgiving table. I was perusing the wine selection when DS piped up "Gee, Mom. That's a big bottle." I was only half listening and replied "UmmHmm. Grandma's  coming to dinner."  (referring to the fact that MiL expects there to be vino on the table for all special occasions, whether it is actually consumed or not). My precious child didn't miss a beat. He promptly replied "oh... You'd better get a bottle for yourself, too."

Published Mon, Nov 18 2013 6:31 PM by chocake2


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LOL  that is hilarious.  Kids are great!