busy bodies and sour prunes

Today I took the "chemo quilt" I've been making to the local Post office to be put on display for a few days. The post master very kindly agreed to put out the word and collect well wishing cards for the recipient before it is delivered - something to give it a more personal touch. When I dropped it off , a neighbor lady was collecting her weekly stack of 1st class, 2nd class and no class mail. She demanded to know what was in my bundle. Yes, demanded. There is very little that is subtle about the woman. I explained the quilt and who it was for (It's a small town, everyone knows everyone else and their business) and asked if she'd like to add a get well card  to go along with it. She proceeded to announce that the recipient is no longer on chemotherapy so a chemo quilt was a foolish gift; she nit-picked the size and my choice of colors; she bad-mouthed others for not helping me with the project... and even went so far as to imply that my creation would be put to better use in her own home for her Grandchildren "to tussle over". I admit that the quilt itself is a humble little throw made from scraps, and completed in a few rushed days, but surely it's not that awful!  I found it sad that she gave so little thought to the intent on that quilt and could not see the comfort I was trying to offer. Someone needs to bake that sour puss a cake and sweeten her up!!

Published Sat, Nov 9 2013 9:55 PM by chocake2


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We have all known one of these "sour pusses" and I doubt a cake would sweeten her up.  Let the criticism roll off your back.  You did a wonderful thing that I'm sure will be greatly appreciated.  As for this "sour puss", let her stew in her own juices.



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If it was so awful why would she want it for herself?  People like this need to come down to Earth and get a little humble.  I'm not one to antagonize, but wow, this errr....lady is of the rudest nature I have heard in a long time.  I'm so sorry you had to be subjected to such mean hurtful words.  It's too good a word to call her a ***...my dogs are all better mannered than that:>)  sorry for the cuss but it's true.


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Ugh.. Sorry you had to deal with that.  :(  I'm sure your quilt will get a lot more appreciation from the recipient.  

Carolyn (CarolBeau)

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You know you did a super thing and we all know it too. Guess we should feel sorry for that old grouch, if that thoughtfulness and great quilt didn't make her smile there is probably not much that will.


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Some people are so rude... You know what yo u did and for what reason and the person getting will fell the same way whether she is on or off hemo she will know someone care enough to finish and give her something in rememberance of some one who really gave a care for her. YOU DID A WONDERFUL THING TO BRIGHTEN HER LIFE, for get Mrs. Grouch she is jealouse of your kindness and wish she was the reciepient. DeeAnna

DeeAnna Fiedler