thoughts drifting like new fallen snow.

I had to go to the city the other day. While I was struggling to navigate the rat-race a billboard caught my eye. It said "are you buried under unwanted debt?" I had to chuckle at that one. On the surface it's not all that amusing but if you pause to think....  do you know anyone who actually wants debt?? 

Later I passed a septic service truck and the emblem on the back, beneath a picture of playing cards, read "Where a Royal flush beats a full House" Now there's an advertiser who really did set out to get a smile. And truthfully, that company's name stuck in my head far longer then the institution wanting to take my money to fix my money problems . It could be that I'm more in need of their services then I am the other, but I think it was their approach that made it memorable..


Published Fri, Nov 8 2013 9:10 AM by chocake2