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And the Adventure continues...

Thanksgiving is over and we are all trying to overcome our annual turkey coma. It's been a slow lazy day.

In our house, the day after Thanksgiving means  we'll be dining on Turkey Pot pie made with the leftover dressing,  veggies, turkey and gravy. This year I decided to be a little fancy and topped it with  the mashed potatoes piped from a pastry bag to form cute little pillows. The kids delighted in it. One of them noted that they looked like marshmallows. That observation was immediately vetoed by a sibling who said no, they looked like Easter Peeps. The youngest wasn't to be out done. He scooped his potatoes onto his spoon, held them high and said "Poops!!"  very plainly.  Alas, I fear that from now on sour-cream potato Poops will have to be a regular item on the  menu...  They'll go well with Peas.

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chemo quilt

At long last the Chemo Quilt made it's way to it's intended recipient. It has been on display at the local Post Office for the better part of two weeks, waiting for friends and neighbors to add their thoughts and prayers. On Friday the son of the patient came in to collect their mail and saw it there. The post master decided it was as good a time as any send it home to her. I guess the son was very touched. I hope she is, too. She was supposed to resume her chemo this week, but is still too weak.  The prognosis is looking bad for her to make it through the holidays. 

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Out of the mouths of Babes

Today was a hectic day. I had to take my eldest son into the city for an appointment . It takes about an hour and a half  to drive from where we live  to the metropolis, so just going is a production. Traffic on main street Mytown consists of a tractor and two farm trucks every 20  min or so.  Drivers offer everyone a cheerful wave to brighten your day. Traffic in the city is usually bumper to bumper . The waving there is far less friendly but it takes only one finger.

Needless to say, the big stores in the more populace environment are much better stocked (and often cheaper) then those nearer home, so as long as we were in town anyway, I made it a point to do some shopping. Today's spending spree took us to a warehouse store in search of special treats for our Thanksgiving table. I was perusing the wine selection when DS piped up "Gee, Mom. That's a big bottle." I was only half listening and replied "UmmHmm. Grandma's  coming to dinner."  (referring to the fact that MiL expects there to be vino on the table for all special occasions, whether it is actually consumed or not). My precious child didn't miss a beat. He promptly replied "oh... You'd better get a bottle for yourself, too."

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busy bodies and sour prunes

Today I took the "chemo quilt" I've been making to the local Post office to be put on display for a few days. The post master very kindly agreed to put out the word and collect well wishing cards for the recipient before it is delivered - something to give it a more personal touch. When I dropped it off , a neighbor lady was collecting her weekly stack of 1st class, 2nd class and no class mail. She demanded to know what was in my bundle. Yes, demanded. There is very little that is subtle about the woman. I explained the quilt and who it was for (It's a small town, everyone knows everyone else and their business) and asked if she'd like to add a get well card  to go along with it. She proceeded to announce that the recipient is no longer on chemotherapy so a chemo quilt was a foolish gift; she nit-picked the size and my choice of colors; she bad-mouthed others for not helping me with the project... and even went so far as to imply that my creation would be put to better use in her own home for her Grandchildren "to tussle over". I admit that the quilt itself is a humble little throw made from scraps, and completed in a few rushed days, but surely it's not that awful!  I found it sad that she gave so little thought to the intent on that quilt and could not see the comfort I was trying to offer. Someone needs to bake that sour puss a cake and sweeten her up!!

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thoughts drifting like new fallen snow.

I had to go to the city the other day. While I was struggling to navigate the rat-race a billboard caught my eye. It said "are you buried under unwanted debt?" I had to chuckle at that one. On the surface it's not all that amusing but if you pause to think....  do you know anyone who actually wants debt?? 

Later I passed a septic service truck and the emblem on the back, beneath a picture of playing cards, read "Where a Royal flush beats a full House" Now there's an advertiser who really did set out to get a smile. And truthfully, that company's name stuck in my head far longer then the institution wanting to take my money to fix my money problems . It could be that I'm more in need of their services then I am the other, but I think it was their approach that made it memorable..


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