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I've been working on a fast quilt for a sick neighbor to take along to her Chemo treatments. Unfortunately I didn't learn of her illness until recently and she's already had a couple courses of chemicals. She's a nice lady, the first to welcome us to our new home and welcome us to the neighborhood, and it saddens me that I haven't gotten to know her better.  Hopefully, I've still got the chance.

I remember when my  Mom was still alive. I'd find myself in a conversation with someone and she'd come up. Inevitably they'd say "gee, She sounds great. It's too bad that I never had a chance to get to know her..."  That always confounded me. She was terminally ill, not dead. And yet they wouldn't offer her their friendship... I suppose folks are just afraid of getting hurt when their friend passes. We all over-look the fact that even our healthiest  friends could meet their fate tomorrow, leaving us just as hurt. But we're still better for having known them, and the memories we make are treasures, just the same right?  So, I may be slow in getting around my busy life, but I'll be making an effort on this new friendship anyway. 

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musings of a scattered mind

This was inevitable. Too often my daily chatter is too arbitrary to be considered quilt related, and yet I  have a collection of friends here who actually seem to care about my merry meanderings.  No one seems to mind when I pop up with weird observations about my day.  I've come to the conclusion that there's no getting around it: I'm a blogger. 'Might as well make it official.... So here it is. My first real Blog post in my first blog. Hopefully this will prove a better venue for my off-topic ramblings.

And that brings us to the question:  what is happening in the Warped World of Chocolate cake that is blogworthy? Nothing. ... But I won't let that stop me from sharing it anyway! 

My recent projects have revolved more around glass then fabric. That's not uncommon lately, in large part because Sprout is just too  dang curious about the sewing machine and I live in fear of him sticking a finger under  the needle or pulling it off the table onto himself. Not to mention he steals my tools and I spend all of my time searching for them instead of  putting them to use!  But I can occasionally snatch small little bits of time and create a bead . The beauty of that is that a bead is a completed project all by itself, but once I have made it, I can turn around and use it to create a whole new project! While Dh doesn't  readily recognize the possible traumas of tangling with a sewing machine, he does understand the dangers of a torch, so he can usually be persuaded to keep Sprout busy while I play with fire.  ...As long as I don't play too long. 

After a while I inevitably end up with a collection of  beads that I have no immediate plans for. They are just cheerful  little bits that I have made for whatever whims struck me at the moment I made them. As such, I was delighted to send a bag of 'bead soup' along to the gals attending the Oregon coast Retreat this month in hopes they could find inspiration in it. Even for bead soup, the selection I sent was pretty random. I believe there was a pink elephant, a blue dog, a flower or two, maybe a few  stripies  and a goddess bead.  For those of you who don't know, a goddess bead is a female torso. Someone decided that they represent the Earth Mother, or some such. Anyway, it wasn't too long into the retreat that I received a note from the recipient of that glass creation stating that she'd misplaced it and spent a portion of her evening asking her fellow quilters "Have any of you seen my naked body?"

That was all it took... I was off to the torch to make more goddess'.  Every chance I had to escape my family I was making another little lady.   Tiny bodies started appearing in random places around the house.  Dh sighed and rolled his eyes. Clearly he just wanted it all to end and my latest flight of fancy to be a distant memory. The boys giggled over it. (For them, It must be almost as good as sneaking a peak at a Playboy in the newsstand...) But then DD looked at the growing collection of well rounded little beauties and said "Gee, Mom, Those are great, but they're all chicks. You need to make some dudes, too."  ...  ...   Dang! I hate it when the kid is right!

It took m e a couple of days to figure out how to place my globs of glass and shape it to get the desired effect, but I succeeded  and in short order we had a pile of  David's to keep the Venus' company..  DH moaned and left the room when I showed him the new creations. The boys lost interest in the bowl of beads. And now I think My mania has run it's course. I may finally be done mass producing tiny  headless people.  For now. Now the challenge is to find a good use for all of those nifty little people....

DD Specifically asked for a Blue Goddess before I called it quits. Unfortunately, after I produced the bead,  I found that she planned to take it to school... Not Good!!  So this evening I strung it as a pendant with a little creative embellishment to make it a little less... nekkid. 



As per Carolyn's request, Hee-re's Davie!




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