Hi everyone! Firstly, let me thank all of you for your help! This couldn't be done without you! I guess I should begin by telling you who and why we're doing this, then I'll explain the very few requirements to you. I am asking you to try to make two (2) quilts, to be donated a local halfway house, located here in Chicago. It's called" The Oasis". I met one of the owners, Rocky, through my son, who moved in there as a resident. He, like myself, has a drug & alchohol addiction and is now in recovery. I have been sober and clean since 1985. Needless to say I am very proud of my son and am so grateful that he is now getting the help he desperately needed! Back in '85, when I lived in a similar setting, sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow-cases were paid for and/or supplied by the state. I was shocked to find that is no longer the case. The owner of the facility, in this case, Rocky and his business partner, have to buy all of these items. This facility owns two (2) houses, some 60 odd beds. Last winter was so difficult for them that they couldn't buy all of the bedding, therefore the residents had to purchase these things. Often times, many of them slept without blankets! When I heard about this situation I descided to help and then realized I needed your help to do so. Here are the few requirements I mentioned earlier: 1. Quilts should be made for men. Sorry, no flowers. 2. We need 1 quilt for a single size bed and matching pillowcases and another for a twin size (matching Pillow Cases too). 3. Quilts need to be ready by the time it gets cold out. I have told them they would have all of them by December of this year or January of 2013. 4. Quilts may be made out of sheets, fleece, etc... As long as they are warm. You can ship them to me at: Debbi Mueller 6515 N. Mozart S. 2 Chicago, IL., 60626-4303 My new e-mail address is: dmgd5918@hotmail.com. Please delete the other address, if you have it. My husband and I will deliver them to the house and I'll let you know when the delivery has been made. These men will greatly appreciate your quilts. Some quilts have already been delivered and the reaction to the quilts have been surprisingly touching! If you'd like, you may pin your name &address to your quilt, as I'm sure the men would like to thank you personally for the hard work you put into making the quilts! If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to me here or at the above mentioned e-mail address. Thank you again for your hard work! On behalf of the men who'll be getting these quilts, I also 'Thank You!"! Debbi Mueller chicagosinger