Happily Quilting

Quilting makes life fun

Some how my last post got lost in the clouds, prob because I was so sick when I wrote it.  I have been sick since I got home from the Leavenworth retreat.  Good thing I got a lot of sewing done there because I have done very little since I got home.  I finally got out of the house today to play bridge,  I should have stayed home I played horribley.  I did manage to get my brother-in-laws quilt done.  The top was made by his mother sometime befored she died.  I am going to give it to him as a rememberence of his Mom.

Son's house

I am at my sons home.  He was kind enough to drive me up and back from the retreat.  He loves in sultan about hour and a half from Leavenworth.  It feels really strange not to be at that cute little featherweight sewing.  I did tAke my granddaughters to Ben franklins so the could pick out fabric for a messenger bag.  They fell in love with the one I made for the retreat so its one for each of them.  They did a really good job picking out the fabric.  I also got some 18 inch doll patterns so I could make clothes for their American girl dolls.  Well post some picture as I get them made.

Leavenworth retreat

I have never been to a quilt retreat before, what a way to start.  Could not ask for a better group of women to be with.  Everyone is so welcome and such fun.  The week has just sped by and I can not wait to do more!  I hope that I can go to Branson



I have never done a blog before.  The background picture is my orther love, horses.  This is my niece riding our horse Easy Charm.  They are sailing over a 4 foot fence

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