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Wednesday Ramblings

Got home from the bridge tournament Sunday night after having a wonderful week away.
I did okay getting just a little bit over three points so that was a good thing. Had something bad happen while in Monterey, I have a spinal cord stimulator and it malfunctioned while I was gone. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully it's just some loose wires that they can route around and I won't have to have surgery again. What a pain in the neck to have to deal with this.  Just had it replaced in April!  I will have to go to Santa Barbara to see the doctor I'll be combining it with some fun and having lunch with my sister and seen the latest quilt She's completed. I'm going to bring some thread down for her and hopefully it'll match so she will have something to quilt with.  hope you all have a great weekend and I will post more ramblings next week.