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Well I finally been able to get some quilting done. I've been slowly working on the quilt on my long arm trying to get it done for a wounded veteran who is in VA Hospital due to a brain injury. It's slow going as I can't stand very long but I am getting it done. I also started work again on my sister paths quilt which is an ocean wave. I just hate triangles and I can't even begin to tell you how many I need to do for this.  Currently I am using triangles on a roll and I  did get them all cut now I need to tear the paper and press.  i think once I finish those I'm going to look for another method to complete the rest of the quilt.   I'm looking at the Sizzix bigshot so that I can maybe cut triangles quickly that way we'll have to see.  I am off to a bridge tournament on Wednesday so I'll be gone till Sunday and hopefully when I get home I'll be able to get back into the quilting room until then hope y'all have a really good week and I'll see you later.