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January 2013 - Posts

Wednesday Ramblings

Got home from the bridge tournament Sunday night after having a wonderful week away.
I did okay getting just a little bit over three points so that was a good thing. Had something bad happen while in Monterey, I have a spinal cord stimulator and it malfunctioned while I was gone. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully it's just some loose wires that they can route around and I won't have to have surgery again. What a pain in the neck to have to deal with this.  Just had it replaced in April!  I will have to go to Santa Barbara to see the doctor I'll be combining it with some fun and having lunch with my sister and seen the latest quilt She's completed. I'm going to bring some thread down for her and hopefully it'll match so she will have something to quilt with.  hope you all have a great weekend and I will post more ramblings next week.

Saturday in Monterey

Well things in the Bridge land are looking  better now that we've switched To pairs.  We played Friday's afternoon and evening sessions and came in forth in or section so that we had got two points.  this afternoon we pay played the first of the two session game and came in second in our our stat and got .81 points so hopefully tonight will win as well and I can come away from the tournament with at least four points.  hope you're having fun quilting and I can't wait to get back home and continue my sisters ocean wave quilt.

Friday in Monterey

Hi to you all from beautiful Monterey, the

weather here is not the best, overcast.  I did have a beautiful blue sky yesterday morning and was able to take a short walk around old Monterey.  Bridge has not gone well, but hope springs eternal and we are going to switch from team games to pair.  In team you have another pair that can help or hinder your results, unfortunately our team mates were a hi defense.  We still had fun but were consistent losers, so today we will just play pairs and see how we do.

have a blessed day :)

Off to Monteray

I am leaving today for a bridge tournement in Monteray, CA.  This is one of my favorite tournements and I have not been for 4 years.  My BFF bridge partner Muriel, who I have not played with in four years is again at my side.  This is as exciting as going to the  Leavenworth Quilt retreat, but closer.  To those of you who know duplicate bridge I am just 30 point away from my life masters.  My goal was to have it by the time I was 60 but life got in the way.  I only need black points and hope to reach that milestone this year.  I will not be on the site much this week so wish you all happy sewing.


For those of you that don't already know it I hate triangles. Don't ask me why I just hate them,  they don't work well with my brain and if anybody can get triangles backwards I do. Well for someone who hates triangles I certainly bit off more than I can chew I agreed to make my sister Pat a queen size ocean waves quilts. I did the math today each square is 16 x 16 and I need 30 squares each square has 56 triangles therefore I need 1680 triangles to make this quilt. I'm certifiably crazy.  Here is a picture of the first square.  My sister picked the material and the pattern. Ok something is wrong and I can not post the picture.  Will try again later




Weekly ramblings

Well I finally been able to get some quilting done. I've been slowly working on the quilt on my long arm trying to get it done for a wounded veteran who is in VA Hospital due to a brain injury. It's slow going as I can't stand very long but I am getting it done. I also started work again on my sister paths quilt which is an ocean wave. I just hate triangles and I can't even begin to tell you how many I need to do for this.  Currently I am using triangles on a roll and I  did get them all cut now I need to tear the paper and press.  i think once I finish those I'm going to look for another method to complete the rest of the quilt.   I'm looking at the Sizzix bigshot so that I can maybe cut triangles quickly that way we'll have to see.  I am off to a bridge tournament on Wednesday so I'll be gone till Sunday and hopefully when I get home I'll be able to get back into the quilting room until then hope y'all have a really good week and I'll see you later.

Super Cool Chart

In another thread we were discussing how to enlarge pattern.  I have that methed and many other cool quiting trick in a wonderful chart.  I have shared it with several people.  I have tried to attach it here but if it does not work  please pm me with your email and I will be happy to share it.  It is in a pdf format.

Happy New Year Quilting Friends, Memories

I hope all my quiltin friends here and elsewhere have a wonderful 2013.  My wish is we all stay healthy and happy.  My close to 2012 was peaceful and quiet, just like I like it.  I did get to go out and play bridge on the 31st (bridge is my other passion)  had a horrible game but who cares I git out and had fun.  Christmas was wonderful as all my sister were together, this does not happen very often so it is always special.  My quilty sister made us all matching shirts, well shirts of the same pattern but in different colors of seersucker.  My mom always made us matching outfits for picture taking time so'Sister Sue thought it would be a hoot and of course it was/  Here is all of us together