Happily Quilting

Quilting makes life fun


Thanksgiving is passed and I managed not to offend my mom by not going to her house for dinner.  The though of having to drive for 45 minutes made my head ache.  Had a quiet day at home with Chicken Pot pies for dinner.  My pain is finally decreasing and I took a short walk last night at sunset.  I only have moderate pain this am so maybe the end is in sight.  My family is coming up today to take me out to lunch for my BD.  Could not convience them that I REALLY did not want to celebrate.  Birthdays have always been overrated, in my opinion, and the older I get the less I want to celebrate.  Ah well my mom does want to celebrate the birth of her wonderful daughter, her words not mine, so who could say no to that.  I am going to gift myself a new bed.  One of the wonderful ones that raises at the head and feet and has a zero gravity setting so I can maybe actually get comfortable.  Canceled bridge for next week, again, but I dearly hope to finally get some sewing time in.  All of you have a great week.