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October 2012 - Posts

East Coast Storm

Hope all you QCA stay safe!


I am so lucky that my four sisters are my best friends abd even more lucky that one of them quilts.  Sister Sue let me quilt a lot of her quilts on my longarm as praactice.  Now I do almost all of them for her.  I finally am feeling better this week and got two quilts on and off Jules (that the longarm) both of them for my sisters.  My siter Sue loves triangles and pinwheels are her Favorite.  This quilt center was make ut of leftover 1/2 square triangles from another quilt.  On one of our quilty days we designed this quilt.  I love how it turned out.

My sister Laura's mother-in-law died last year.  She and her hubby finally got around to going through her thing.  Laura did not know she was a quilter and boxed up all her stuff and sent it to me.  Within that was this pretty pieced top.  It looks like it was a BOM of class quilt.  I have finished it and will be giving it to Brian, my brother-in-law as a remembrence of his mom.  I used it to practice my feathers and other long arm techniques. 


Wedding Gift

I am feeling so OLD this morning.  I made a wedding quilt that my sister and Dan had commiioned for his nieces wedding. Barbara and Dan were very involved in the pattern and color selection, it turned out great and Barbara and Dan loved it.  In fact Dan gave me $1500.00 for making it!!!!!  Talk about overwhelmed.  The wedding was the first weekend of September.  I asked Barbara last week if she or Dan had heard from the bride about the quilt, nope not a word.  Now here is why I feel old, in my day thank you notes MUST be sent out within 6 weeks!!!!!!  Nowadays those thing have gone by the wayside and for that I am so sad.  Good manners should never go out of style.  My sisters and I always called my mom Emily Post, I mentioned that to someone the other day and they wanted to know who Emily was, sigh.  Anyway here is the quilt.  Pattern is Metro Link and it is done all in batiks and backed in flannel.  Dan wrote the hiku and the wording for the label.

Here is the back

The labels





Some how my last post got lost in the clouds, prob because I was so sick when I wrote it.  I have been sick since I got home from the Leavenworth retreat.  Good thing I got a lot of sewing done there because I have done very little since I got home.  I finally got out of the house today to play bridge,  I should have stayed home I played horribley.  I did manage to get my brother-in-laws quilt done.  The top was made by his mother sometime befored she died.  I am going to give it to him as a rememberence of his Mom.

Son's house

I am at my sons home.  He was kind enough to drive me up and back from the retreat.  He loves in sultan about hour and a half from Leavenworth.  It feels really strange not to be at that cute little featherweight sewing.  I did tAke my granddaughters to Ben franklins so the could pick out fabric for a messenger bag.  They fell in love with the one I made for the retreat so its one for each of them.  They did a really good job picking out the fabric.  I also got some 18 inch doll patterns so I could make clothes for their American girl dolls.  Well post some picture as I get them made.

Leavenworth retreat

I have never been to a quilt retreat before, what a way to start.  Could not ask for a better group of women to be with.  Everyone is so welcome and such fun.  The week has just sped by and I can not wait to do more!  I hope that I can go to Branson