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I thought I would post some photos of other quilts that I've made. 

This is the quilt that is now on my Tin Lizzie longarm.  I took the Starting from Scratch quilting class at in the Fall of 2004 and made this quilt.  The directions given to quilt it were for hand quilting, which I had absolutely no interest in doing.  I took a machine quilting class, but never seemed to find time to practice it and I didn't like quilting on my regular sewing machine, so this quilt top has been sitting in my closet for 5.5 years.   

Here is the quilt, pinned to my brown make-shift design wall.  The green fabric is a sewing-themed fabric.  I had intended to hang this quilt on the wall of my sewing room in our former house.  Now, I can hang it in my new sewing studio once I get it quilted...

This fish quilt was also made in one of the classes, but I don't recall the name of the class.  The quilting on this one was just wavy lines from one side of the quilt to the other.  The tentacles on the jelly fish are 3-D and I added some crystal eyes and bubbles...

 This quilt was made to commemorate my 25th anniversary celebration.  My husband and I went on a cruise from Tahiti to the South Pacific islands.  The pattern is called "Picture This" and is by Karen Montgomery, the owner of my local quilt shop.  The quilting is all stitch in the ditch...


 And, since I live in the Pittsburgh area, I had to make a sports-themed quilt.  All the pro sports teams in the area have the same colors, black and gold, so it worked well to combine them into one quilt.  The words were done in applique on my embroidery machine, and the quilting is, again, all stitch in the ditch...

 The last one that I'll put up today is my Santa's Reindeer quilt.  I started it in 2004 and finally added the backing, quilting, and binding in 2008.  The embroidery designs took 1.5 hours each and are from  This quilt was quilted on my embroidery machine, using the outline designs that came with the reindeer embroidery pack.  The squares are mostly a snow fabric, except for Rudolph, of course - his square and the "Ho! Ho! Ho"! and "Merry Christmas"! squares are done in a blizzard fabric...

I'll post some more projects later!

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 So, my DH (dear hubby) gave me a Tin Lizzie 18LS longarm machine and a Grace Pinnacle frame for my birthday last month.  I used some scrap fabric to test free motion quilting for a while and then decided to whip up this small green/white/pink 36"x36" wallhanging to use to test the laser and pantograph capabilities of my machine. 

Here is the quilt on the frame...

Here is a close-up of the pantograph design stitched on the quilt.  Since it was an overall design, I started the stitching on the batting and then just continued on down to the bottom of the quilt.  The pantograph pattern was a hearts and flowers design.  I had some issues with the tension so the white bobbin thread showed through in places, but for my very first real quilt on the longarm, I was pleased with the results...


And here is the quilt after I added the binding and a hanger.  I think maybe I need to add weights to the bottom corners of the quilt to keep them from bowing.  It looks like the bottom edge of the quilt is curved, but it really isn't!


Patti in Pgh

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog!  This blog is called Patti's Ponderings II because a few years ago I wrote an ongoing blog, Patti's Ponderings, which focused on the ups and downs of building our new home in western PA.  This blog will focus on my artistic side, which means lots of quilts, purses, embroidery, knitting, scrapbooking, cardmaking, jewelry making, etc. 

So, feel free to stop by, put your feet up, and browse through my blog.  Right now, that will take you all of 5 seconds, but eventually, you might be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate as you browse the blog! 

Patti in Pgh

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