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Finished a quilt

Hello everyone,

I finished a quilt for our friends.  They like more muted colors so I picked Jasmine breeze as the pattern for this one. 

This is one of the individual blocks, then put together:

These are not sewn together yet here.  The next picture is taken before quilting and binding:

And the final product is>>>>>

I used the last of the fabric for the backing which is something that I had never attempted before. 

This quilt finished at 60x60 and is the first lap quilt that I have made this size.  I don't have bunching in the quilting, I just didn't get it smoothed out enough for the picture!

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Finished top for MQ4

Well finally finished the blocks and rows for the mystery quilt. It took a lot of concentration and I still got the chain blocks going the wrong way! Oh well, it was a lot of fun and I plan on joining the next one in the fall.  Thanks Sandy for the great pattern.

I also managed to get my sister's quilt finished and it is heavy because of the added batting under some of the leaves.

I really like this pattern but I think it is time to try some others.  I have joined a Fabshophop online and managed to get all the blocks for a Springtime sampler they were giving for free.  I have a few of the blocks done already and it really is stretching my knowledge of some of it...

I will add more pictures as I get them done, or remember to take the pictures...

Just surfing around

I was just looking at some quilting blogs and came across a 10 minute table runner.  Here is the link...

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Playing around

For NQD I finished sewing steps 1,2,&3 for the Mystery Quilt project. I also played around with something that I seen on one of the quilt blogs that I had seen.

I also managed to get the quilt top all pieced together and am planning on going out this week to get the backing for it.  My sister and her daughter are visiting for the week, so I will be enlisting their help in pinning the sandwich all together. Many hands....

I also getting started on a scrap quilt. What do you think?

I like the fact that I can use the design wall to hold all squares until I can move them to be more pleasant.  I have a lot of triangles the same size to this is only going to stop growing when I run out of the lattice material.

What have I been up to?

It has been awhile since my last post.  The leaf quilt has been taking up a lot of time but I think that the extra work done on the leaves will make an unique texture that previous quilts.

I still have more of the leaves to finish this way but I needed to put the quilt together to reach the ones near the main seams.

Too keep my sanity and focus on this, I made 2 baby blankets for a new baby that is arriving in a month.  It is my sister's daughter's first child and as we don't know the gender, I made one of pink and one of blue. 

For the pink quilt, I had some extra 4 patch squares that I cut in half and added a pink triangle to finish the block.  Here is a picture of the block:

I tried different variations on the wall 

This is the finished quilt:

This is the other quilt. I had actually started this one 3 years ago and just finished it.  It is just made from one piece of fabric with simple quilting for the sandwich.

I also tried my hand at applique.  Now I know why one should use fusibles.  I had set this in place perfectly only to have it shift on the sewing machine.  More practice and information is needed I think:

I ended up putting the eyes in the wrong place and there were 3 pieces that should have been put down first in behind the main body.  A lot of frustration on this one.  I think I will try some simple flowers or maybe a heart pattern for the next time. 


Leaf Quilt


Thanks to the feedback from our friends here, I am trying something new on this pattern.  Normally I would have done the paper piecing, made blocks, then joined all for the quilt top.  This time I am putting some of the odd pieces of left over batting (which I have lots of) in behind some of the bigger leaves creating a little more definition and height. 

I am trying different types of veining colors plus satin stitching around the leaf so that I can trim back safely. Still struggling with the veins but practice makes me better....

Finished Provincial Quilt


Well, here it is.  I received a picture half way through making this quilt from my mother in law which was not what I was designing for her so I adapted the colors.  It is so hard sometimes to change mid stream but I think that this worked okay.  I would have made the green a little more stronger from the start but there you go.  I hope that she likes it. 

Now on to the next quilt.  Here are a few blocks:

These 9 patch blocks have not yet been sewn together but at least it shows the process I am working with.

This is one of the quilts that I have made already though when the picture was taken, it was just in the pinning process and the binding was not added.  I keep changing the forest floor and the outside borders to make each one.

Grandson's quilt

Just made this quilt for my grandson.  I found this pattern on the internet and it was quite fun to make and easy too!  This pieced pattern is good for using up all those little scrap pieces that you just can't part with. Another plus is that there are no seams to match as every piece you add can be of any width as long as they fit the length. After finishing this quilt, I realize that I have enough scraps to probably make 3 more!! Oh well....

So Far so Good But...

Okay, I have started this quilt and in two days have managed to get it this far.  The pattern is from the Fons and Porter May/June 2010 magazine and it is named 'Cottage in May'.  As this quilt is only to be a lap quilt, I only used a small portion of the pattern. 

I have got this far but now am stymied on what type of border to put on.  I was thinking on using a 1" dark blue strip next to the outer border and then some other small pattern block to finish. I need 8 inches to finish at lap size.  Does anyone have any ideas? 

Here is a close up of one of the blocks:

French Provincial

Happy new year everyone!

I have been requested to create a lap blanket in a French provincial pattern.  Any one know what that pattern would look like?  Thanks in advance