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Life teaches us many lessons! Some of the greatest lessons in my life have been taught to me by my quilts and the people that I have met through my quilting.

November 2012 - Posts

What a year it has been - it started out so promising.  I was feeling good - was working on my WIP and getting UFOs done.  I was working on quilt tops - had a plan for the year.  I guess that my good plans get changed every year.  But I did get some of my WIP done and I got a couple quilts finished up - and the year in retrospect was a very good year.  

Mom came to live with us in February and that is an adjustment.  She and I are like oil and water and she is a very unhappy woman right now.  She doesn't adjust very well to losing her independence but she couldn't take care of herself any more - so we are adjusting and getting used to it.  I have learned that I can't be responsible for her happiness that she has to do that for herself.  She has to motivate herself.  So I am working on that.

So what quilts did I make this year...teehee...

I made this quilt and a friend of mine quilted it for me.  I gave it to the kids when I went to visit them last year.

I made this quilt for my Grand daughter - she hasn't gotten it yet as it is for a future gift.  I have to have one done for my Grand son when I give her one so he doesn't feel left out and since his isn't quite done yet - it will have to wait a few months... or if I get energized it might get done yet...teehee

I got this cool fabric at a shop in MO on my way to retreat and have started this one block wonder stack and whack - it won't be done till 2013 though but that is okay.

This is the double wedding ring I made for the kids - I haven't quilted it yet - I want to do something special to it and do it myself and I was practicing in January quilting quilts but then well Mom came and I got sick so we will see when it gets done - someday - for now it is a top!!!

My friend Rita who house and pet sits for me so DH and I can go away together on vacations deserved something special so am making her this dog quilt - she wanted a quilt with these dogs on it so I put this together - it turned out better then I had hoped for - I am in the process of quilting it.  I put extra batting behind each of the dogs so when I quilt them it till stand out a little more.  I had to stop as I started having some pretty horrific chest pains.  My heart is okay but the pain was still there - I tried sewing and the pain was still there so took a week off and it started getting better so I did some regular sewing and was okay - so far haven't finished up the quilting yet on this quilt hope to soon - my chest is getting stronger so before Christmas is here this quilt should be done.  

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