Thea's quilting trials and tribulations.

Life teaches us many lessons! Some of the greatest lessons in my life have been taught to me by my quilts and the people that I have met through my quilting.

January 2011 - Posts

I love doing McKenna Ryan quilts - this one was the easiest that I have done as it had very little applique' on it.

This is my 4th MR quilt and although this is just the top I hope to quilt it shortly - waiting on my sewing machine to come home!


This is quilt # 3 for 2011... I am just moving along!  It is so wonderful to feel better - I am just amazed at how much better my medication makes me feel - I am not 100% yet but so much better that I feel almost unstoppable - so my quiltoholic disease is doing great!!! teehee

I hope that 2011 becomes a great year for all! 

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This is the main part of the quilt before I put the borders on it... All the satin stitch has not been done yet because of the borders.

The borders are on but still have some applique' on the bottom right - and I have to satin stitch the few additions to the top right...

Okay still working on CDU - have added the last of the Applique - and guess what - see that 2nd Kangaroo on the bottom - from the left - lol - well I was walking in my sewing/livingroom and found this his arm on the floor - do not know how it happened - but I pinned it in place and will do the satin stitching of all the last applique pieces today - have to wait untill I get my sewing machine back to quilt this quilt but hopefully that won't be too long...


See he has his arm on the the "gooses" have joined the party... they were so cute to make...

I really like this quilt - you just smile when you look at it - and although I am sure I didn't do justice the Australian animals - I hope they won't be mad!  I like them!!!

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