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Life teaches us many lessons! Some of the greatest lessons in my life have been taught to me by my quilts and the people that I have met through my quilting.

November 2010 - Posts

I left last Friday and drove to Houston!  I stayed with my brother's sister's family.  I got to meet my newest Great Nephew - such a cutie!  I haven't downloaded any pictures from my camera yet to my computer but when I do - I will post them all!

It was an exhausting and whirlwind 4 days... 9 hours to get there... body absolutely hates me!!! I still love it!  It would be nice to not hurt when you do something that is normal to everyone else - but I made it and that is the most important thing.  I have amazed myself this year - for years I have not left my house for any length of time - I have always scheduled everything so as not to put myself through anything for more then 1 day at a time... scheduling days of rest along with days of physical activity.  It has been very hard but this summer we went to MO to visit a long time friend of my DH's and although it was nothing more then driving to his house and staying there for 3 days - I was able to do it... so then I was given a great gift - a trip to Chicago for Quilting in Chicago and although was scared - I made it through - each day though I died and crashed - I pushed myself very hard and made it through - so that was so good!

I knew since I had done Chicago that I could do Houston!  I am able to drive without a great deal of problems - I look funny for a few moments when I get out of the car - but I can and do do it!  And I did it again!!! 

I drove down there on Friday - then Saturday went garage sale shopping with Teresa - that was easy - I just rode in the car with her and would get out and helped her to look through baby toys / books / and clothes for things for Evan - she got some awesome deals and I was happy to be with her...

Then on Sunday, the best day of all.  I got to spend it with Jodie - I acted as her assistant while she taped parts of her Quilt Out Loud program and I had so much fun!  I got to meet so many people - Some of the most memorable for me were Patrick Lose ( great brownies), Rob Appell ( cuter and funkier in person), Marti Michell (2nd meeting and she was just as sweet), some of the teacher from Chicago - Sherrie Driver, Jean Nolte and Mary Mahoney to name just a few... The others when I download the pictures I'll put in bits of the talks we had...

I had so so much fun - I didn't see 1/20 of the market - but that was okay - I will have something to look forward to the 2nd and 3rd times that I go!!!  And I will go - yes I will!  It is on my calendar for as many years as I can look forward to!  Next year - maybe I will get to go to Festival too. 

For now, I am back home and trying to rest - the body that hates me really hates me!  but again that is okay - there are tons of things to do in the coming weeks to keep my mind off of this hating body of mine!

God bless and many quilty hugz to all my quilty friends!


Adding some of my pictures from my Houston trip... so much fun

Jodie and I at the QNNtv booth... she is just so cute!  and so much fun to be around!

Alex from Aurifil threads - he has the nicest Italian accent and such a sweet person - this was taken at his booth in Houston!

 Rob Appell and ladies he is as cute as can be - This was taken in front of his rendition of the polar bear - He is doing a group of patterns with Michael Miller fabrics.  Each pattern sale sends some monies to the endangered animals foundation to save our wild animals.  you have to see these quilts - they are awesome... and so is Rob... I love the programs on QOL when Rob co-hosts with Jodie. 


Because market is on Halloween day each year - some of the booths members dress up in Halloween attire - you wouldn't believe all the witches I saw.  This lady was one of the cutest witches.  and their booth was adorable.

this was the first stop of the morning and Guideline rulers are fantastic - we talked about the template that we had to make for the odd size flying geese that we did in the BOM and he was intrigued with finding a ruler to do this - that would be awesome...

So these are just some of my pictures that I thought I would share!

Have a quilty day!

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