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Life teaches us many lessons! Some of the greatest lessons in my life have been taught to me by my quilts and the people that I have met through my quilting.

Cardinal quilt

here is a picture of the materials that I have in my stash for a Christmas quilt.  There is a pattern in the new Fabric Trends for quilter's magazine called Oriental blossoms.  I think that it will be a perfect showcase for these fabrics - I still need to find a gold fabric to work  - but here is my start


When I saw these fabrics I thought they were elegant and have been looking for a showcase quilt for them - i think this pattern will work.  I'll keep you posted as I make this quilt - I will copy the pattern out of the magazine and put it with the fabric in one of my project boxes so it won't get lost.  i read the pattern last night and will change up a few things - I don't like to cut pieces up if you don't have to - I see no reason to cut a piece up of the same material - sew it back together - with nothing added to it... so the long pieces will be cut long - ... I am envsioning this quilt in my head and I am going to look for a light colored solid piece of material to match the light shade of beige...

I found the beige and added a red to the mix and have finished the top... I love it.  I am so grateful to Helly -she was talking about this one pattern in a magazine that I was talking about another quilt in and I went back and looked and it was perfect for this material.  Here is the finished top... Since this picture was taken, I have sewn the ovals down - and the quilt is ready for quilting... it should be done before Halloween!  I hope!

HaHaHa - how many years ago did I post that that is would be done before Halloween... it became another UFO top... top done but not quilted... Well a couple weeks ago I took it off the hanger in the closet - got the package of batting and the backing that was already and off to the church we went.  I spent a couple hours sandwiching it together... then I came home and it sat there again - almost joining the other tops taht are sandwiched but not quilted... well I got some energy last week and started quilting it...


I found that I had made some mistakes when I was doing the square in a squares and had a little too much fullness there - so how to quilt it as I didn't want to take it apart and start over - so I figured - listening to the song "You can Quilt that OUT!" that I could use a meandering - small to medium and quilt the fullness out and it worked...teehee...

I sewed the machine part of the binding on today... YIPPEEE!!! closer to being done ... I have to do the hand part of the sewing of the binding on but I will do that with my little sewing group next Wednesday... some hand work to do while I am with them...

This is the quilt on the bed - I decided to keep one picture with it on the bed and not crop it so I could see my inspector Bear taking it all in....he was kind of mad - I had gotten him out from under the covers on the bed so i could lay the quilt there....teehee

This is an overhead view of the quilt on the bed

And this is the quilt hanging - I have a terrible time trying to get a good picture of my quilts so tend to take it in different places...teehee

But I do like this quilt. 

Published Thu, Jul 30 2009 8:04 PM by Thea


# re: Cardinal quilt@ Monday, August 10, 2009 10:39 AM

Althea those fabrics are beautiful...I look forward to seeing your finished quilt...mine is half pieced at the moment

# re: Cardinal quilt@ Monday, August 17, 2009 1:41 AM

can't wait to see what you whip up out of these. i predict, it's gonna be beautiful.   gini

by gini

# re: Cardinal quilt@ Friday, August 21, 2009 9:14 PM

great quilt Althea...I am thinking of some of my novelty prints to use now...

# re: Cardinal quilt@ Thursday, April 1, 2010 4:16 PM

Beautiful job Thea. I love the fabrics and the fussy cuts.