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Life teaches us many lessons! Some of the greatest lessons in my life have been taught to me by my quilts and the people that I have met through my quilting.

Snowman quilt

I went on a bus trip with my DSIL, Sherry.  We toured 2 quilt shops in Kansas.  They had this Redwork Snowman quilt on the wall.  I bought the pattern and brought it home.  My SIL bought the same pattern - she made hers and had it finished before me - but in my defense I was making a quilt at that time for the Enid guild raffle quilt... Anyway, I decided that I didn't want to do mine in red and white - so did mine a little bit scrappy - with blue, red, green and purple... I just couldn't make the snowmen's noses Red... they are carrots - and who has ever seen a red  I, also, added another border around the outside of the quilt.

This is a close-up of one of the blocks in the center - it was hand embroidered... I machine embroidered snowmen in the pieced blocks round...



Published Fri, Jul 24 2009 1:58 AM by Thea


# re: Snowman quilt@ Friday, July 24, 2009 10:43 AM

Okay Althea,

I want to know how you get so many quilts done and still have time to post... LOL

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Spud, I don't know - I have always been told that I sewed fast - but i don't think I go any faster then anyone else - I just do

The quilts I have posted on my blog were made over the last 10 years - although this year I have made quite a few

I call what I have Adult Quilt Addiction... I will sit in my chair for about 3 hours after i get up - I have to do range of motion exercises to get all the muscles , joints and ligaments working - they scream at me when I get up ... but I tell them tough - suck it  

I am addicted - I love this art form - I love fabric... and once i start - I have to finish - I used to get it to the finished top stage as I didn't know how to sew them together - I had a long arm quilter but they are expensive so only my really great quilts went to her - now i have learned enough that i feel confident in finishing them myself... but I am a really stubborn person and will push myself forever...

I love to start quilts - I don't much like the middle part - although I do love to sew and it makes me forget about the pain I am in - I love the last stitching of the binding on too - that to me is so relaxing... I don't have to think ... I just progress.

I don't know Spud - I just love it all...

by Thea

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Your quilt is sooo cute! And I'm with Lynn--how can you get so much done?

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I wish i could tell you... I do think I have atttention deficit disorder for adults though - as I really can't sit still - if I am in my chair to allow my joints and muscles etc to lessen with pain - then I have my computer in my lap and am looking on here - once I can get up again - I either do a bit of housework or go to my sewing machine and work on whatever catches my fancy...

I tell everyone though that I can't sit still - that isn't in my vocabulary and my doctors hate it - after surgery they almost have to tie me to the bed to keep me in it...

by Thea

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I have this pattern. It was a BOM. I got all the blocks before I even looked at it. Mine is all read and white but I really like the look of yours with the different colours. I don't know when I'll get it started since I have so much going all already. It really helps to be an insomniac.

by Kris

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very pretty winter quilt,  i need to get crackin' on some quilts to keep up. i'll have to stop making those teensy little flowers and concentrate on bigger stuff.   gini

by gini

# re: Snowman quilt@ Saturday, July 25, 2009 2:29 AM

gini, Do whatever makes you happy - that is the most important thing... I like large quilts and that is what I do most of - lately I have been making twin quilts and baby quilts and they just get done so fast... of course once i get started I am like a dog with a bone - I just keep going...

by Thea

# re: Snowman quilt@ Sunday, July 26, 2009 6:43 AM

Althea, What causes you to be in so much pain? Do you have fibromyalgia?

# re: Snowman quilt@ Monday, March 8, 2010 1:06 PM

I love this snow man quilt!  I think making the noses orange and using different colors was inspired.  It warms the heart to looking at your work.