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Quilters Club of America is not the only site for quilters. There is Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

We have accounts on all these sites and they are 100% free for you to connect to. Use these to connect with other quilters, famous quilters, quilt companies, and mostly importantly...QCA!

Twitter: Tweet, Retweet, Favorite, Converse. All in 140 characters or less. Follow companies. Follow famous quilters. Follow us! It's quilting in the fast lane.

Who to Follow:

Pinterest: It is a quilter's best friend. Or a chef's best friend. Or a bride-to-be's bestie. You can pin literally ANYTHING. Think of it as a way to organize every quilt project you aspire to do, fabric you adore, quilts that inspire you, and tips and tutorials you want to look at later. All you have to do is pin it, and it is saved forever to your profile. So many quilting companies have Pinterest and post extra things for their followers. Follow us to! We wade through everything to find you premium stuff. Still confused about Pinterest? Look here for a guide.

Who to Follow:

Facebook: Ah Facebook. You can stalk, creep, like, tag, comment. And for quilters, it's a goldmine. Companies, especially our sponsors, like to post contests, freebies, and giveaways on Facebook. And winning free stuff is never bad. On QCA, we like to share what you have been up to. We post pictures of your quilts, your quilting questions, and give you extras that you may miss on the QCA site.

Who to like:


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