Meet the Team

We all work on QCA in various capacities. 

Site Admin

QCA Rachel

Hi Quilters! Welcome to QCA! You are lucky to have joined a fun and welcoming quilt community. My number one mission is to work directly with you so we can continue to grow this unique community of quilters. Please contact me with questions, issues, and comments so I know what you need. Curious where to start exploring on QCA? Here are my top picks to get you started on the site:

  • QCA Admin Blog-I update this regularly with new information about QCA. Keep an eye on it for activities, giveaways, and other quilting information.
  • Social Media page- QCA is not just a quilting forum site. We are highly active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check out the social media page to follow us and discover other great quilting sites to follow.
  • Groups-Join groups on QCA that are tailored to specific aspects of quilting such as fabric swaps or scrap quilting.
  • Contests- Each month, we have a new contest from one of our sponsors. The prizes range from huge fabric bundles to baskets full of quilting tools.

Customer Service

Our wonderful customer service team answers questions via the admin role. The ladies behind the scenes are:






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