Quilting is More Than Just Quilting

Quilting is more than just quilting. It's an art. It's a lifestyle. It's a business. It's an industry. As an individual quilter, you may have aspirations of building your hobby into something more. Maybe you want to collect antique quilts. Perhaps you want to build it into a business. Or maybe you want to explore the physical aspects of quilting. As long as you have a computer, you can start learning about the "More" in Quilting is more than just quilting!

Though quilting doesn't cause us to sweat from exhaustion or a huge physical exertion, it can take a toll on the body. Long hours of precarious moves can cause aches and pains that hinder productive hours. You may have a pre-existing injury or common aches that are aggravated by sewing and quilting, and that just takes the joy out of it! On January 19th, a live, one-hour webinar will discuss an ergonomic approach to quilting. No, this doesn't include yoga movements or deep breathing exercises. This webinar will focus on how to set up your quilt room so it offers optimum comfort for your needs. A personal trainer will also demonstrate gentle stretches to alleviate common pain associated with quilting and sewing. And for those pesky recurring injuries or pre-existing pain? Learn how to work around them instead of dealing with pain. After all, quilting is about creating art, not creating pain!

Quilting is a multi-million dollar industry. Much of this money comes from individual quilters, such as yourselves, building up an art business. It's how Fons & Porter got started! You don't have to have dreams of building up a quilt empire. Perhaps you just want to start longarm quilting for some profit. Maybe you want to start teaching quilt classes. A second online webinar on January 22nd will talk about starting a quilting business. Lynn Krawczyk and Cheryl Sleboda, two art entrepreneurs, will be sharing their expertise about building an art business from the ground up. Learn about marketing your skills, how to sell your products and how to please your customer base. Even if you're just flirting with the idea of starting a quilt business, what do you have to lose by tuning in?

Lastly, and perhaps the one I'm most excited about, quilt collecting! My parent's home has a few antique quilts that will be passed down through my family. I've always been curious about their history and tradition, but have no idea where or how to start digging into their past. On January 14th, just a few days away, Bill Volckening will be sharing his quilt collecting expertise. Bill has been a quilt collector for 25 years. During the one-hour webinar, he will be talking about the traditions of different styles of quilts, how to identify the era a quilt came from and how to start your own library of vintage quilts! I know when I leave this course, I will have more than a basic knowledge of antique quilts!

Now that you know about the "More" in Quilting is more than just quilting, which class are you going to attend? Perhaps all three? A special note about these webinars, if you cannot attend the live webinar, you can still sign-up and you will receive a recording of the webinar to listen to on your own schedule. Hope to see you at one of them!


QCA Rachel

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