QCA Rachel's Fall Favorites

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I don't like it because of the weather or the leaves. I love fall because of the fashion. My favorite day of the year is when the weather is just cool enough to slip on a new pair of boots, a scarf, and a nice, comfy cable knit sweater. If the weather this week is any indication, I think we will have a long fall season. And being the prepared person I am, I wisely bought far too many fall clothing items last night instead of spending my money on  kitchen chairs that are still absent from my apartment (I've lived there for three months and find myself eating my meals standing up.)

I'm not going to bring you my fall fashion picks today, but instead, my fall quilt picks! What new tools, patterns, and fabrics do you NEED in your life? (Just like I NEEDED 4 new pairs of boots.)


How cute are these owls? The big buggy eyes, the beautiful colors, the accent fabric; I just can't get enough of it. I found this on The more I looked, the more fabric medleys I fell in love with.

I am usually not a fan of batiks, but this fabric medley caught my eye. The color combination is unique, and very appropriate for fall.

One more fabric medley. I think this one is my absolute favorite. Remember my love of travel? It's been transformed into fabric form! The muted colors and the adorable novelty print with travel labels just scream, "Make me into a quilt!"


For patterns I visited I'm a huge fan of Quilty patterns and find myself looking at the Fons & Porter side for even more quilt patterns.

Off My Back is a version of the disappearing nine patch. The colors used for the original quilt are fit for the fall season. Of course you could choose whatever you liked (such as the travel fabric above...hint hint)


From Quilty, I found Majesty. The soft purple is so lovely, and I'm a bit biased towards this quilt. I am in charge of sending back quilts to designers. This was designed by Mary Fons (my idol) and we had a long email chat concerning this quilt. I owe my first conversation to the Mary Fons to this quilt, Majesty.

Lastly, Reflections. This quilt, well, it's just stunning. Once again, the colors fall in line with the upcoming season. Even better? it uses pre-cut 10' squares.



Maybe you did some summer cleaning. Maybe you just need to re-stock on the essentials. Here's my picks for three great tools that are necessities in the quilt room:

We love Havel's at QCA. And we love their rotary cutter. A sharp blade and fresh rotary cutter is essential to the quilt process.

Next up: a portable ironing mat. This is an excellent space saver if your quilting space is minimal. Our sewing specialist in the office lives by it.

Our buddies at Havel's save the day again with their self-healing cutting mat. If a quilter was on an island and could bring only a few things, I think this would be at the top of her list.

That wraps it up quilters. I hope you have found some inspiration for your fall quilting!

All my best,

QCA Rachel


Roxana wrote re: QCA Rachel's Fall Favorites
on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, 12:22 AM

Cute blog, Rachel. I wonder when some of the wonderful quilters are going to kidnap you for a weekend and take you hostage until you produce a quilt! Lots of nice patterns and tools you picked out. I'd have to add that travel iron and a ruler! LOL! Have you caught the bug yet?

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