How a Quilt is Published in a Magazine

Every season, Easy Quilts brings you handfuls of quilts and patterns to enjoy and create. The pictures of the quilts are stunning. The colors are vibrant. The patterns are precise. The text is just perfect. How does a quilt get from Point A: an idea in someone's head, to the Finish Line: printed in our magazine? Let me take you through it!

First, a designer comes up with their own, original idea for a quilt. They can send in a finished quilt or the pattern to our associate editor, Diane Tomlinson. Diane then takes these quilt ideas to our editorial team. Each week, they meet and review quilts. If a quilt is accepted, it gets put into one of our publications. Colleen, our super Sewing Specialist, created Stadium Blanket for Easy Quilts Fall.

If Colleen was a designer who did not reside in our offices, her accepted quilt would be shipped off to our head quarters in Winterset, IA.

Once the quilt arrives, it goes through the check-in process. I tag the quilts, take a snapshot, and put in on our company wide Issue Tracking. Basically this is a giant spread sheet that keeps track of all the projects we are putting into the magazine. Checking in quilts is one of my favorite tasks. I get to see all the quilts we are going to publish in advance and Ohh and Ahhh at how awesome they are.

Once the quilt is electronically logged, it gets a home on our quilt wall.

It sounds fancy, "Quilt Wall," but as you can see, it is just giant shelves with plastic bins holding hundreds of quilts. The bins are organized by publication and date.

Next, the quilt is taken out for photography. We take a flat shot and a style shot of each quilt. The style shot is used for an attractive photo of the quilt. Usually it is set on some furniture or outside amongst props. The flat shot is just the quilt laid out flat. This is used for the pattern.

Our art directors oversee the photography process and design the pages for the magazine. This is Kelsey. She is one of our great art directors.

On the pattern side, Kris, our technical director, transforms the patterns into beautiful and precise words. These are then put into the magazine along with the quilts. Next, it's the editing process. The magazine goes through three review stages and gets the final sign-off by our Editor in Chief, Jean. It's then sent to the printers.

Finally, it's sent to you, our great audience! I love seeing the finished product that our team has put together. Reminder: quilting magazines are best served with a cup of coffee!

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