Celebrating Sisters

My sister, Amy (the mom-to-be!), and I are very close. I have fond memories of our adventures together when we were little, and even fonder memories of us living together when I was a teenager and she was a young adult. When I moved to Australia, she was the person I had the hardest time leaving. She truly is my other half. Amy is four years older than me, four years wiser than me, and always has guidance to give.This is Amy and I on her wedding day:

The bond between sisters is something magical. Even though Amy and I are complete opposites, we share a connection that I have with no one else. I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. If you're reading this Amy, Happy National Sisters Day (on Sunday)!

There are so many famous sister duos. We have the Wilson sisters of Heart, The Pointer sisters (I may be young, but I know oldie's music!), Venus and Serena Williams, and the now infamous sisters of Disney's Frozen, Elsa and Anna.

Kids and adults alike have fallen in love with this movie. And rightly so-it's purely adorable and light-hearted. And the songs are just SO catchy!

In honor of National Sisters Day, I am elated to bring you the FIRST look at Fons and Porter's Frozen quilt kit! This quilt is featured in the upcoming issue of Love of Quilting Magazine (on newsstands August 19th). The quilt, Sisterly Love, will be on sale September 19th, but because these are expected to go fast, you have the first chance to pre-order them.

Can't you just see your little daughter, grand daughter, niece, or-well any little girl-snuggled up with this Frozen quilt? I don't know the gender of my sister's baby, but if it's a girl, this is the first quilt I am giving her! And if it's a boy, I'll just keep the quilt for myself!

Fons & Porter must be in love with Disney's Frozen because they are also featuring no-sew blanket kits. One features Anna and Elsa and all their sisterly goodness. The other is the ever-adorable Olaf. These no-sew blankets are perfect for this occasion:

It's December 23rd. The Christmas season has gotten away from you because you HAD to finish all your UFO's--they were driving you crazy! After you proudly admire your finished quilts, you take a glance at the calendar and realize...IT'S DECEMBER 23rd! You have two granddaughters that need spoiling, and no time to run through the crowds at the shopping mall. A panic ensues. You run to tell your dear husband he needs to go find a Barbie doll or a coloring book-anything to wrap up! Your dear husband kindly glances at you and says, "But I just wrapped up the Frozen blankets you bought for dear Sue and Mary." The panic disappears. Christmas is saved.


So, quilters, wish someone a Happy National Sisters Day on Sunday. Then look at the wonderful Frozen quilts from Fons & Porter. Next, pre-order the quilt kits and blankets. Then, breathe a sigh of relief because your Christmas shopping is done in August. Last, break out in song: Let it go! Let it goooo!


All my best,

QCA Rachel

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