Become Sulky Certified!

Have you ever thought about teaching a sewing or quilting course? Wouldn't that be an excellent way to have some extra jingle in your pocket -- teaching eager learners about something you are passionate about? I once wanted to be a ballet teacher, and then I discovered instructing was not one of my strong suits. If only there was a class to teach me how to be a ballet teacher...

I never discovered a teaching course for ballet, but I have discovered a training course to be a Sulky Certified instructor. You know that awesome company that makes stabilizers and threads? They've created a 3 month long ONLINE course so you can become a certified teacher.

Being a Sulky certified teacher is no small thing. It's the equivalent of saying, "I'm Dr. Rachel Peterson," versus, "I'm a pre-med student." (Please note I am in no way a doctor. I faint at the sight of blood.)

So what are these great benefits? It's list time:

1. The three month course is online. You log on to your computer and complete the certification. There is no traveling, hotels, etc.

2. Even though the courses are online, you still get unlimited personal time with National Sulky Instructors. The classes are live, not recorded. You can ask all the questions you want of each instructor.

3. It's just not about the sewing. You will learn the in's and out's of the business. Learn how to market your skills and products.

4. Ten projects are included in the course. By making these, you learn over 65 machine art techniques.

5. You will receive guidance on how to teach others to sew and quilt. This includes a teacher's manual and prep book.

6. I saved the best for last: If you are a Premium Member on QCA, you can receive $100 off the course fee. Just check out the Deals & Discounts page for the code. Not a premium member on QCA? Sign up today to receive the $100 off the Sulky training course!

In a nut shell: this class will give you knowledge about the industry and how best to market yourself, teach you machine art techniques that only Sulky can deliver, grant you access to exclusive projects from Sulky, and show you how to be the best instructor with the Sulky name attached!

Ready to sign up? Here's what to do:

1. Go to the QCA Deals & Discounts page to find the discount code (for QCA Premium Members)

2. Follow this link to go to Craft Online University

3. Read over the specifics of the course

4. Register! Don't forget your discount!

Happy Quilting & Happy Days,

QCA Rachel


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