You Can Talk to Famous Quilters!

I have to admit something. Before I started working in the quilt industry, I had little to no knowledge of it. I thought basting only applied to cooking turkeys and a stack and whack had to deal with mobsters. Obviously to quilters, these words and phrases have completely different meanings. Now that I am well versed in the world of quilting, I realize how lucky I am to work where I work and do what I do. This really comes to light when I meet famous quilters.

As you may be aware, I work in the Fons & Porter office in Winterset, Iowa (come visit!). This means Marianne Fons graces our abode on a fairly regular basis. When I first started working, I would cower in my cubicle and hide my face as I was in awe of her presence. Seriously, if any of you have met her, she just has this amazing presence and grace about her. It was intimidating to a young gal.

Then something miraculous happened. I talked to Marianne Fons. Sadly, it was not about quilting, but rather one of our shared habits: yoga. Yes, that is correct. I had a ten minute conversation with Marianne Fons about yoga. Let me tell you, it was ten minutes of sheer joy.

But what really has me fangirl-ing is an email thread sitting on my laptop right now. I am obsessed with Mary Fons, the daughter of Marianne. I love modern quilts, I read her blog like it's my job, I watch Quilty tutorials even when I don't want to learn about quilting. She is just fabulous. Mary Fons does not come to Winterset that often as it is no longer her home. But I had the chance to email her concerning some quilting business and I went berserk about how I loved her work and her writing. She kindly emailed me back and we had a lovely conversation. No, I haven't met her in the flesh, but I will forever save those emails.

Our upcoming Quilt Star, Pat Sloan, is another HUGE name in the quilting industry that I have had a chance to talk to and get to know better. Now to any ordinary person, the names of these quilters would mean next to nothing. But to quilters, I am living the dream!

Guess what? You can live the dream, too! And you don't have to even leave your home. Or put on make up. Or even get out of your PJ's. Let me tell you how...

First up, Mary Fons is hosting a webinar all about the color PINK. This means you get one glorious hour of getting a personalized lesson from Mary on how to use the color PINK, what does and doesn't pair well with it, and how to use it beyond making a baby quilt.


Secondly, and the one I am most excited about, our very own Q&A with a QCA Quilt Star. Pat Sloan is coming to QCA August 10th through 17th. She will be logging on daily to QCA to personally answer any of your quilting questions. Want to know about piecing? Basting? Thread? Color? Fabric? Anything quilting? Pat will answer your question!

The QCA Quilt Star Forum will open up on August 10th. You can post your questions for Pat, and then she will answer them directly on the forum. It is as if you are having her sit at your dining room table and talk one-on-one about quilting. Except you don't have to worry about how clean your house is!

Alright quilters, let's write our questions down to prepare for the Quilt Star Forum, check out Mary's webinar on PINK, and keep on quilting!

Happy Quilting & Happy Days,

QCA Rachel

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