A Life Touched by QCA

Following last week’s blog post about the healing power of QCA, I received an onslaught of stories from many other members. I am so grateful they have trusted me to share their stories with all of you. Once again, I stand (or sit…I have a desk job) astounded at how an Internet community can make a large difference in someone’s life.

The following is another story from a beloved member:

This past December, when my boyfriend was dying, all I could do was ask for prayers from everyone I could think of. All of the wonderful ladies on QCA were so willing to send theirs. I had never met any of them, had never even spoken to any of them other than on the QCA forums, but they were there for me and for Patrick.

 It was Christmastime, and I was dealing with a broken ankle. I hadn't seen Patrick for three weeks because he had been ill and I couldn't drive. He was on life support for a week following his suicide attempt and that whole time I depended on the QCA ladies' prayers to ask God to help Patrick, his family, and me. It's still so hard to think of this time but I often go back to the posts. They give me comfort when I need it most.

When someone on QCA is going through a tough time, the ladies make quilt blocks and the quilt is assembled by one of the members. These ladies made me a beautiful quilt and I received it in May when a good friend from QCA came to visit. I keep the quilt on my bed and wrap it around me whenever I need a hug! 


RLMorrison46 wrote re: A Life Touched by QCA
on Sunday, 6 July 2014, 6:45 AM

Thank you for sharing your story. The support given in this group, family of men and women, associated by a passion of quilting and creating are inspiring in many ways. Powerful.

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