Pat Sloan is Coming to QCA!

I think I am bursting at the seams because I have something HUGE to share with you all. I am not very good at keeping secrets, especially good ones like what I am about to tell you. I could blather on here for another five minutes about weather, July 4th, everything else going on at QCA, but I will save you the misery.

Remember when I announced the Mystery Quilt coming in September and used a lot of uppercase letters and exclamation points? I believe this announcement needs double the excitement!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about which famous quilt star you would like to meet. The trickster I am; I had a method behind my madness. I am very pleased to announce QCA has a new section titled "Q&A with a QCA Quilt Star." Every few months, a quilt maven, master, star, virtuoso will be taking YOUR quilting questions and personally answering them. This is your chance to get answers about quilt skills, tips, tricks, business insider information, ANYTHING QUILTING! It's like you are having breakfast with a quilt star in your home and you can ask her anything your heart desires.

You may be wondering who our first star will be. PAT SLOAN! Yes, that's right. Pat Sloan, author, quilter, fabric designer, radio host, is coming to QCA in August to answer your quilting questions.

Let's get down to the logistics

  • How it works: Q&A with a QCA Quilt Star is for Premium Members only. I will be opening up a forum that only Premium Members can see and comment on. From August 10th to August 17th, post your questions on the forum. Remember, quilting questions only please. Pat will be logging on to QCA throughout that week and choosing questions to answer. I would like you to keep in mind, Pat is only one person. We have a large member base, and a very active one. I want you all to post your questions! This is not our first and last quilt star! This will be a continued tradition on QCA!
  • Where to post: Don't worry Premium Members, when August 10th rolls around, you will know exactly where to post so your questions get seen.
  • Premium Membership: QCA already has great benefits for Premium Members. This forum will be another awesome thing Premium Members have access to. If you aren't a Premium Member, make sure to sign up to participate in the Q&A with a QCA Quilt Star! The forum will only be visible to Premium Members.

Some more shameful promoting

I already shared this on one of the forums, but I will share it here, too. Yesterday, we did an impromptu photo shoot for one of the webinars coming up. You all know Nancy Mahoney for her gorgeous scrap quilts. She is the queen of scrap. On July 15th, she is hosting a webinar where she will give away all her secrets to making two block quilts. Basically, how to be Nancy Mahoney. Well your willing QCA Admin Rachel, was part of a little photo shoot to promote it.

But, seriously, look at that lovely quilt and the colors. Don't you want to quilt like Nancy Mahoney? Join the webinar on July 15th.


Have a wonderful, memorable, and fun-filled 4th of July. I am celebrating with friends, BBQing, watching fireworks, and enjoying the great weather tomorrow. Make it grand, quilters!



Roxana wrote re: Pat Sloan is Coming to QCA!
on Thursday, 3 July 2014, 5:19 PM

Thanks, Rachel, for the news. I'm looking forward to the new forum and the webinar as well. I appreciate your enthusiasm.

SpringerMom wrote re: Pat Sloan is Coming to QCA!
on Thursday, 3 July 2014, 8:47 PM

Rachel, your enthusiasm, ideas and energy seem boundless! You've done so much in the short time you've been with us! Thank you so much!  

Carol from Pittsburgh wrote re: Pat Sloan is Coming to QCA!
on Monday, 7 July 2014, 7:21 AM

OK, you got me with this one---- I just upgraded to premium again!

Thanks, Rachel, for all you do!

Admin Blog wrote The Weekly Round Up
on Friday, 25 July 2014, 8:29 AM

There has been an abundance of activity going on at QCA. Fresh faces, new forums, lots of quilting questions

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