The Healing Power of QCA

After the death of a loved one, people come to visit, drop off chicken and casseroles, and politely give their condolences. It is often after this time that the silence and emptiness sets in. For one member of Quilters Club of America, her saving grace was the members of this community. Stitch by stitch and chat after chat, she filled a hole left by the deaths of her husband and daughter.


I lost my husband in November 2008, unexpectedly from an aneurism, and my daughter the following February from cancer which had been diagnosed a year and a half prior to her death.  In August of 2009 I decided to join QCA as a distraction and to get back to quilting, which I had stopped doing for those years my daughter was ill.  


Slowly I got back to quilting and joining in on the threads nearly seven months after my daughter’s death, but in the mean time, I got onto QCA every day and read posts for hours on end getting to know the members.  


A little at a time, I felt comfortable with posting and telling my sad story. Right away, the members lifted my spirits and had me joining the swaps and quilting again.  


Every morning after breakfast, I'd be sitting in front of my computer socializing with those wonderful people I call my family now.  We shared, we prayed, we lifted spirits, we laughed and also did a little quilting (lol).  Slowly but surely they got me out of that dark hole of depression.  QCA also caused me to get together with a dear member in my home state who has since passed. I would never have had the honor to meet her without QCA. I get together with another very cherished member from Maine a few times a year. I've also had the jot to be on one quilt retreat with many of the girls I have become close to in the message boards.


Tragedies happen, lives are lost, and light can be found again. This member’s touching story is an example of how a community of quilters saved her.


If you feel inspired, please share your story with me, QCA Rachel.


Deb wrote re: The Healing Power of QCA
on Sunday, 29 June 2014, 7:18 PM

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

RLMorrison46 wrote re: The Healing Power of QCA
on Monday, 30 June 2014, 8:37 AM

Thank you for sharing your most personal emotions and unfortunate loses. In October will be 40 years my mom passed. I was 9 and she just turned 27. Growing up was very hard without her, living with an alcoholic father, abusive emotionally and physically especially toward my twin brothers who were 8 when our mom passed from cancer. I then became their "mother figure" taking care of them when dad was working and out drinking. Then in 1980 grandmother (moms mother) was brutally murdered by my grandfather. She was the closest person I had after losing my mother. I visited her all the time and she always had ice tea in the fridge and a can of Pringles in her white metal cabinet. I suffered from clinical depression, anxiety, and so many other things. Tried to commit suicide because I couldn't deal with the loss and then on top of that 7 years of physical, verbal and emotional abuse from my boyfriend at 15 until I was 21. Became a mom at 17 which was the best part of those years. Well I am 49 now. I have a 32 year old daughter and 14 year old son. 2 grandchildren. Last month my niece passed suddenly at the age of 26. Another depression and guilt. My mom always wanted to sew and never got the chance to enjoy the sewing machine she was finally able to buy. That has inspired me to learn to sew and then I seen quilting posts and it has become a passion and savior. Being involved in this club and other groups brings me motivation and inspiration. So many wonderful and talented people. I am always amazed and downloading patterns I drive my son crazy, lol. Thank you for this club and to all the wonderful people in it. Thank you and I hope you don't mind me sharing my story. Rhonda L. Morrison

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