SQUID, Mary Fons, and Fake Tans...Oh My!

While perusing the QCA site to better familiarize myself with the many functions and features, I stumbled across the blog titled Quilting Acronyms. Oh boy, did I learn a lot! I thought I was pretty up to date on all things computer lingo, but before me sat acronyms like F.A.R.T, S.E.X, and S.Q.U.I.D. It was fascinating. To those of you who are still gawking that the "s-word" was just thrown out, read the acronym blog! Hats off to you quilters, as you are paving a new language. One that is useful and funny!

Mystery Quilt

Just another enticing update on the mystery quilt. I have my wonderful sewing specialists reviewing the awesome pattern Jennifer made. I will drop one hint- it is not a scrappy quilt. And that is all you will know for now!

The one and only Mary Fons

The Fons & Porter gang are at it again with a series of webinars hosted by Mary Fons. The quirky lady is presenting the first one on the color RED. If this passionate color has you hiding in a corner from fear, you need to register for this webinar! On Monday, June 30th, Mary will tell you why red fabric bleeds and how to combat the problem, what colors do and don't compliment red, and as a bonus, she walk you through how to clean a sewing machine so it is in tip-top condition.

Show & Tell Gallery

My favorite feature on QCA, beside reading what you all are up to every day, is seeing the amazing work you do on the Show & Tell Gallery. If you are fans of QCA on Facebook, then you know I choose a quilt every Thursday to post on the social media site. And let me tell you, if seeing nearly 200 likes and positive comments on your quilt is not a confidence booster, then I don't know what is! So keep on posting those quilts! Your quilt could be seen on Facebook by over 80,000 people (the number of likes we have!), in the Easy Quilts notes section, or in our bi-monthly newsletter. Talk about recognition!

The Sappy Part

Now to turn to something that isn't as happy and exclamation point filled. I was recently touched by a member's story of how QCA literally saved her after a dark time in her life. I asked her to share more details of her story, and after reading it, was just in awe of how an online community could be so powerful. I will be sharing her story sometime next week. But, I am greedy. I want to hear more stories of what QCA has done for you. I want to know why you enjoy it, how you got started on it, and what wonders it has worked in your life. I know these stories are out there because I see snippets of them in the forums. Please, quilters, send me your stories! Not only does this inspire me to work harder at QCA, but I want to share these with others who may have similar experiences. Please direct message me, quilters!

Some Personal Humor

Normally this is the part where I put in some quilting humor, but I had something happen to me last weekend that I just have to put out on the world wide web. Last weekend I went to a wedding. Something you should know about me-I am very pale and have blonde hair and blue eyes. All of this means the sun is a hazard. However, I lived for two years in Australia, and somehow my skin magically transformed into this lovely olive, tan color. It was pure glory. Since I have moved back to the states, that lovely skin color has refused to return.

To get back on track: I decided to use a fake tanning lotion for the wedding. I did my research and found what seemed like a good product. I shower, exfoliated, and put on the weird smelling lotion. The bottle promised I would have a nice, natural glow in a few hours. I went to the wedding ceremony and my skin was still the dull pale. I then went to the reception, a non-air conditioned building. Keep in mind Iowa has a ridiculous amount of heat and humidity right now. It was sweat-city. When I got up to get food I noticed my fake tan had appeared. But to my complete horror, it was literally sweating off of me. My beads of sweat were the color of the fake tan and I had streaks of tan and non-tan on my legs and arms. I looked like I belonged in a human circus. So stripey Rachel proudly wore her now striped skin all throughout the reception. And my striped skin has continued as the tan will not wash off or go away. I have resorted to wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts this week. (Remember the heat and humidity). And when I go on a run or go to the gym, I still leave tan colored sweat. Moral of the story: embrace what you have and don't try to change it. I love my pale skin. It just took me the hard way to figure it out.



Roxana wrote re: SQUID, Mary Fons, and Fake Tans...Oh My!
on Friday, 27 June 2014, 9:11 PM

Great blog, Rachael. Thanks for sharing.

Judy T-Bellingham wrote re: SQUID, Mary Fons, and Fake Tans...Oh My!
on Saturday, 28 June 2014, 1:34 PM

Rachel, that fake tan story is definitely one for the scrapbook. Didn't anyone take a photo of stripey you?

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