Friday the 13th!

Oh no quilters, it is Friday the 13th! Be careful to not break any mirrors or step on any cracks! (I don't actually believe the hype, but just be careful!)

What Quilt Star Would You Like to Know?

Just as "regular" people have celebrity crushes, quilters have quilt crushes. I want to know what quilt star you would like to meet and ask one million quilting questions to. Jenny Doan? Pat Sloan? Marianne Fons? I am asking you to post your answers in the forum I created. Your answers are very important to something I want to add to QCA. What is this element? I will let that be a surprise for later.


Online Webinars

On June 19th, Fons & Porter is presenting a webinar titled, "The Slow Stitching Movement." Mark Lipinski, who some of you want to meet, will be presenting an online class about refining the quilting process. He wants to remove the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives from quilting. This one hour class will focus on re-approaching quilting as a "slow art" and remembering how to take your time.

My favorite part about webinars? I can sit in the comfort of my own home with my raggedy sweatpants on and a chocolate chip cookie in my hand. Find out more information and register here.

There is another set of webinars taking place at the end of June. Mary Fons, my quilting crush, is presenting one hour webinars on colors. The first one, focusing on the color red, takes place on June 30th. During these webinars, Mary will be talking about what colors work successfully and unsuccessfully with the color, how to work with it, and what kind of quilt best uses the color. I know one thing, Mary will present anything but a boring webinar! Check it out here.


The Darn Mystery Quilt

I probably sound like a broken record, but I want to see your submissions for the mystery quilt! Message me at qcarachel with a pattern.


I want to wish any of our male audience a happy Father's Day on Sunday. And to each of you who have a father, brother, husband, son; happy Father's Day to them as well. This year, I have been elected to put on our Father's Day celebration. I picked the easiest thing to make-pulled pork sandwiches from the crock pot. But even that is seeming a little too daunting. I think a call to my local grocery store is in order for some pulled pork that I may be able to pass off as mine!

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